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Beyond the Grave

Beyond the Grave

Beyond the Grave: the ultmate undead soldier

A gunman also known as "The Grim Reaper."
He was once the trusted hitman of Big Daddy, respected boss of the Millenion syndicate.

After Grave's death, he was resurrected as an immortal, undead soldier through the experimental
Necrolyzation method. He has devoted himself to the eradication of the nefarious drug,

His memories were destroyed when he was resurrected, but he
still shows remnants of his former humanity when he is with
his charge, Mika Asagi.

After his last battle with SEED, he went into a long slumber.
Thirteen years later, he is awakened by Mika's voice.

Mika Asagi

Mika Asagi: the tireless warrior against SEED

Daughter of Maria, the woman Grave once loved, and Big Daddy, his former boss.

In their last mission, she was injected with undiluted SEED. Her body coexists with the powerful drug,
causing her to age more slowly than normal humans. The SEED in her body becomes visible
when she displays strong emotions.

After the conclusion of the battle against SEED, she watched over Grave as he slumbered.
It was a peaceful life.

But, when she discovered the horrific resurgence of SEED in South City,
she chose to wake Grave to fight again.

And now, hoping to finish the war against the drug once and for all, she throws herself headlong into battle.


Hector: a mercenary shrouded in mystery

The captain of a mercenary squad fighting the organization distributing SEED across South City.
He is a warrior who is works with Mika and the awakened Grave.

There are rumors that he is a former Millenion executive, but his origins are completely
shrouded in mystery.

He is skilled with every kind of artillery and is knowledgeable about different combat
techniques. He takes on the role of retraining Grave after the soldier's awakening.


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